Monday, March 18, 2013

Prayer (He's waiting)

Part of my personality is my desire for lists and boundaries. I can do anything if I am given instructions on how to do it. However, I become frustrated if not given clear direction for fear that I will fail to meet expectations.

For a while now, that trait has plagued me and I have questioned my prayer life. Is it enough? Do I pray long enough? Do I pray often enough? Do I pray the right things?

These questions prompted me to seek out some reading material to help me define my prayer life. The book I picked is Becoming a Woman of Prayer. I am inspired by the question that the first lesson poses. God has asked us to seek Him out. He created us to commune with and praise Him. When we pray, aren't we just answering His call? Aren't we just opening the door so we can spend time with the Father? He is always there...waiting.

This week I'm going to try to spend my prayer time doing just that, answering the call. Speaking to my Father and spending time with Him without an agenda. Setting aside time with no requests, no list of wants/needs. Just the sole purpose of being with Him.  He's waiting for me. I just have to open the door and talk with Him.